New Century Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing company founded in 2003, devoted to providing OEM/ODM service for multifunction and multi passenger baby and pet strollers, leading-edge mobility aids, living assistive devices, welless and early childhood development products, Smart Care & IoT technologies.
The founder Bill Lin has over 30 years experience in the babycare products industry.

The headquaters is located in Taipei, Taiwan. We also have operation offices in Shanghai and ZhongShan, Dongguan, QinXi cities.

Our Core Value is to continuously develop and provide innovative, technological, safe and practical products to fulfill our global customers' needs with responsibility and high-quality.
As an OEM/ODM specialist, we correspond to the global demand for evolving technological developments by constantly incorporating innovative cutting-edge technologies into our products.

New Century Products Co., Ltd provides customized services. We have a professional in-house R&D team that provides the best quality of ingineering for our projects. Our outstanding product designers can design the products of any complexity based on customers' need. We are able to upgrade traditional medical aids into IoT-based smart devices, and help traditional industries to add value into their products.

We are honored to be trusted and well-known by local and international companies all over the world.

Welcome to contact us for OEM/ODM service

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