New Century Products Co., Ltd specializes in product design, manufacturing, and sales of baby products. The company has a total of 180 employees with its headquarters in New Taipei City, and offices in Shanghai and Guangdong. Having forged an alliance with related product manufacturers, New Century Products Co., Ltd is able to provide a range of manufacturing and designing solutions to cater to various needs of customers.


New Century Products Co., Ltd has a professional manufacturing team, and continue to upgrade our manufacturing equipment periodically. The hardware equipment in the factory includes a metal punching machine, single-bend and double-pipe machine, welding machine, injection molding machine, printing machine, tailoring machine, needle detector, etc.

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    Welding Machine
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    Metal Tube Processing
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    Textile Products Processing

In addition to upgrading our equipment, New Century Products also emphasize on the professional development of our employees. Our operators possess processing technology which includes stamping, milling, bending, welding, needle turning, and assembly. Our operators are all professionally trained to ensure that each step of the operation can be accurately executed. Besides continuously improving the manufacturing capabilities of hardware processing, welding, assembly, carton packaging and tailoring of our employees, New Century Products also actively cooperate with industry leaders, government, and academia to introduce innovative concepts and technologies to strengthen the technical capabilities of the R&D team and professional knowledge of our staff.

Currently, New Century Products has a production capacity of 40 containers per month. We are committed to provide the most efficient and accurate production and delivery.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Our supply chain management process is as follows:

The product development department confirms the product appearance, organization, and structure according to the prototype, before mass production.


When the production department receives an order to confirm production, it will be based on delivery time, product materials, structure, etc. We work out plans for our production based on current schedules, manpower, and production capacity. We also communicate with customers about the selection of raw materials and the schedule of shipment to confirm the time for delivery.

New Century Products procure raw materials according to the materials required by customers and OEM/ODM processes. Having forged an alliance of related product manufacturers, we are able to provide a range of manufacturing and designing solutions at competitive prices to cater to the various needs of our customers.

After the raw materials are received, New Century Products inspect the quality of the raw materials on behalf of customers to verify the safety and accuracy of the materials

After checking the processes of the production department and inspecting the material sizes, colors, and costs, mass production is carried out with the customer's consent. New Century Products consistently produce high-quality products that exceed customer expectations.

Quality Assurance of Production Process

New Century Products have an established production process. Through providing professional service and delivering high-quality products, New Century Products emerge as the leading OEM/ODM service provider in the competitive market.


New Century Products focus on the production of strollers, baby products, rehabilitation aids, etc. These products have passed the relevant quality and safety regulations.

All of our baby products have fulfilled the ASTM F963, ASTM F833, and EN1888 requirements. New Century Products ensure our products fulfil the safety and quality standards so that customers could readily market the products in their respective countries.

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