As the growth of the aging population in the world is rapidly increasing, assistive devices are gaining high demand in the market and becoming essential. High quality assistive devices are important tools to support seniors in daily activities depending on their needs, such as walking, standing, and reducing risk of falling.

Medical assistive devices, such as crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs, can be used to assist people with disabilities and elderly with special needs. The medical assistive devices can be divided into two categories: the walking stick and walking aid. The walking stick is the most commonly used assistive device for the elderly. According to the user's physical conditions, it offers different designs, such as the weight of the cane, the design of the handle, and the cane wrist strap. Compared with the walking stick, the walking aid can bear 20 ~ 30% of the body weight. The walking aid has higher support and stability, and it can withstand 80% of the body weight.

New Century Products always assure to provide the best quality products to customers by putting full attention on the whole manufacturing process of assistive devices, starting from material quality inspection, production process, as well as finished products quality control. To comply with safety and quality requirements, New Century Products also obtain medical assistive device licenses according to government regulations. New Century Products medical assistive devices include rehabilitation assistive equipment and care-related assistive products, such as walking aids, wheelchairs, and other auxiliary equipment which are suitable for elderly care, rehabilitation, and long-term care.


New Century Products always prioritize customers expectations and actively observe changes in the market trends to produce products which bring benefit to customers.

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