New Century Products utilizes IoT to provide in-depth analytics and additional functionality for new and existing healthcare solutions. Our team of expert designers and engineers enable devices to track multiple health parameters to benefit patients, physicians, and hospitals. IoT services extend to OEM and ODM, providing clients with quick, tested, and reliable solutions.


Development process stages

The first step in the development process stage proofing the concept. After receiving the client's request, New Century Products Ltd. evaluates the feasibility of the concept. A proof of concept is an advanced-stage project or demo that shows how a product could be used in the real world. A POC does not need to be wholly functional, but should easily indicate that the desired function of the end product is possible.

6-8 weeks

After the POC stage, New Century Products Ltd. verifies that the prototype can meet the design goals and ensure that the product is in compliance with industry standards through a set of predetermined specifications.

12-14 weeks

Having verified that the product is in compliance with industry standards, New Century Products Ltd. begins the design verification test. A design verification test is meant to determine whether a product fits the needs of the end-user. All health product specifications are tested during this stage to deliver a comprehensive summary including requirements, standards and diagnostics.

6-8 weeks

A product verification test helps to confirm that a product works as intended in a real-world setting. Often during this step, testers will be able to tell if a product requires additional work or components. In this stage, we will put the prototype through various tests to ensure the prototype’s stability before going into production.

6-8 weeks

In the last step of the product development process, New Century Products Ltd. assists clients with the mass production of the final product. Mass production is the production of large quantities of standardized products.

4-6 weeks

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