Preschool supplies include children's fun and craft products, bicycles, tableware, wooden tables, chairs, easels, etc. Eco-friendly and sustainable material is our priority during the products' design and development process.


New Century Products' seasoned R&D team had conducted various developments of preschool supplies to meet the demand on the market. Starting from a series of research processes, which involved marketing study, focus group discussions, as well as go-to market surveys.

We interviewed and observed teachers and students from different schools to obtain market insights that we could benefit from. Thus, our products are the answer to the market's needs and trends. Partnering with leading certification institutions, we make sure that our products comply with the regulations in the global market.


Silicone Clay is one of the latest developed products. The special characteristics of the silicone material make it non-sticky, non-oily, odorless, and reusable. Children can make 2D shapes and create new colors by mixing the available six vibrant colors in the set.

New Century Products have the capability to create customized fun & craft products upon customers' request. Starting from product development process to the production of the final product. More importantly, we are able to assist in the certification process according to your local regulations.


Designing and producing natural and sustainable preschool supplies have been our strong competitive advantage. Our newly developed Beeswax Crayon is made of natural beeswax and color pigment, which is safe for children to use and is environmentally friendly. Moreover, we designed the packaging with paper-based materials, increasing its value as the market is moving towards sustainability.

The crayon comes in an ergonomic design, which is suitable for small hands to grab, and more importantly make it durable and sturdy. We are able to provide customized crayons according to your requirements, with any shape, colors, and overall concept.



If you have any questions, please call to inquire, New Century Products will provide you with professional and complete services.

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