New Century Products have cooperated with customers all over the world, across Europe, America, and Asia. The main cooperation projects are infant and pet strollers, preschool education supplies, medical aids, and other related products. New Century Products always provide high-quality OEM/ODM services, gain customer trust and praise, and all of these lead to long-term, stable partnerships.

America Area
  • Excellence US
  • WonderFold Wagon US
Europe Area
  • Childhood Supply Denmark
  • Rabo Denmark
  • BABYTROLD Sweden
  • Familidoo France
  • Familidoo UK
Asia Area
  • IRIS Japan
  • Familidoo Taiwan
  • Familidoo China

In Asia, we have launched pet strollers for IRIS. In addition to the Asian market, we have also expanded to Europe and the United States to provide OEM/ODM services for Childhood Supply, Rabo, and BABYTROLD for Denmark, as well as Excelligence and WonderFold Wagon for the United States. We provide OEM/ODM service of multi-passenger strollers, multi-function strollers, easels, and other preschool education supplies. We are also the partner of LifeGlider for medical assistive devices.


New Century Products have been well-recognized by customers in the market and have been successfully deployed in overseas markets. We have a professional R&D team and strong OEM/ODM capabilities. We have rich experiences in OEM/ODM service in the stroller industry, and have become a behind-the-scenes important player in the market! Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "innovation, professionalism, care, and responsibility", in recent years, New Century Products have launched integrated OEM/ODM services: from design process, mass production, packaging, to shipping process. We make sure that our products and services meet quality and safety standards.

The goal of New Century Products is to make it easier and faster for customers who want to invest in the infant and toddler industry, medical aid industry, and pet products business. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you in the near future, welcome to contact us now.

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