Nowadays pets become part of a family. People take care of their pets and share everyday life with them. We take them shopping with us, we spend our free time walking them around the parks, sometimes even having dinner with them together at the restaurants. In order to do all of these, people purchase strollers for their little family members. More and more often we can see people with pet strollers on the streets. Pet strollers are also needed for those pets that are already too old and it is not easy for them to move by themselves, or maybe in case they have been injured. Our pet strollers are suitable for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits etc.

New Century Products have great experience in developing pet strollers. We understand the essentials of the design that might be more suitable for our little friends. Pet strollers include many important parts that should be designed carefully so our pets will feel comfortable and safe. We pay attention to the tyres that can be rotated to 360 degrees in all directions, good ventilation system, and spacious storage, so the owners of the pet can also carry all the necessary equipment.


The height and the width of the pet strollers are also designed with the care of our pets in mind. The size of our pet strollers is made for their safety and comfort. The bottom part of pet strollers also have extra frame support to increase the stability of the stroller.


Our pet strollers can be folded for better storage. These pet strollers are designed for bigger dogs, so they are able to carry up to 150 kg. Each of the strollers has a great break system that makes the stroller safer and easier to use.

New Century Products can help you to design your own pet stroller. We are able to cooperate with the customer in order to provide the best product.


We have a wide variety of pet strollers manufactured, and have rich experiences in production and design, which lead us to produce high-quality pet strollers.

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