New Century Products designs and manufactures reliable strollers in order to provide a comfortable and safe environment for newborns and toddlers so that parents can take care of babies more conveniently in a peace of mind.


In recent years, the average number of birth rate in various countries has decreased, consequently, parents are willing to spend more to purchase higher quality and better-functioning baby and infant products. New Century Products' strollers can be divided into lightweight and heavy-duty types according to different functions.

Strollers can be divided into light or stable types according to different functions.


Having had vast OEM/ODM experience, New Century Products’ baby strollers for babies constantly fulfill the needs of convenience, comfort, and safety in the stroller market.

The products are suitable for infants and children of all ages and can be applied to families, kindergartens, and nursery schools.


New Century Products has a professional design team that enables the company to have outstanding design capabilities to cooperate with customers and relevant partners in the research and development process. At the same time, the company's products have been certified with the relevant quality and safety regulations. New Century Products baby products have passed ASTM F963, ASTM F833, and EN1888 certifications.

Striving to provide customers with high-quality and efficient services is our business and development philosophy. According to market needs and trends, we are always actively creating new products and services.

New Century Products has the capability to manufacture suitable strollers according to your needs.

  • The OEM baby products of the New Century Products include baby strollers, walkers, rocking chairs, high chairs, baby beds, and other related products.
  • All of its products have been tested by safety regulations to provide you with high-quality baby products with quality assurance.
  • The product is suitable for infants and toddlers of all ages (0 ~ 6 years old) and can be suitable for families, kindergartens, and daycare institutions.

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