Revolutionary Motorized Solutions from New Century!

Our wagons and strollers to be equipped with an electric assist motor system. Upgraded convenience and safety with a motorized solution for the best family adventures!

Safe and Effortless

Our core value is to continuously develop and provide innovative, technological, safe and practical products to fulfill our global customers' needs with responsibility and high-quality.

As an OEM/ODM leader in the strollers industry, we correspond to the global demand for implementing motor technology to enable hands control of all-terrain strollers/ wagons that provide effortless uphill, and easy weight carriage.


Adventure Without Barriers

We transform ideas into innovative products and are ready to upgrade your strollers, prams, wagons with an electric assist motor system.

  • proimages/Electric_power/icon-uphill.png

    Effortless Uphill

  • proimages/Electric_power/icon-go.png

    Press, Hold and Go

  • proimages/Electric_power/icon-speed.png

    Variable Speed

  • proimages/Electric_power/icon-carry.png

    Carry Heavy Loads

  • proimages/Electric_power/icon-wheel-1.png

    All Terrain Wheel

Freedom to Go Off-Road and Uphill

E-strollers can assist big families or daycare centers, beach-lovers, camp travelers, and snow area residents, and also carry multi-passengers or heavy gear across challenging terrain in safety and comfort with its electric motor.

Load Range: up to 250kg/ 550 lb

Mileage Range (on flat road): up to 15km/ 9mi


Motorized Assistance for Your Life

  • proimages/products/Implementation-04.jpg

    Daycare Centers & Kindergarten

  • proimages/products/ncp-global-website-landing-page-electric-power-system-20231226-02.jpg

    Elderly & Disabled Pets

  • proimages/products/ncp-global-website-landing-page-electric-power-system-20231226-1-02.jpg

    Emergency Evacuation

  • proimages/products/ncp-global-website-landing-page-electric-power-system-20231226-2-02.jpg

    Library, Bookstores, Museums

OEM/ODM Service up to Your Request

With our outstanding in-house engineers and designers team, we can develop and customize products to meet your needs.

Transitioning period from Product Development to mass manufacturing within 12 months.

  • A:Control handlebar
  • B:Motor Power System
  • C:Battery
  • D:All-Terrain wheels


The product quality has passed the inspection professional inspections, and fully complies with global safety standards

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