New Century Products constantly apply a strict quality control inspection to ensure high quality products delivered to customers. Quality management is applied to all aspects, starting from the raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, to the delivery process.


New Century Products always commit to assure high standards of product quality. Every product is inspected in accordance with any relevant safety regulations in various countries where customers receive the products. New Century Products quality control personnels always keep abreast to the most updated quality standards, solve quality problems, and are responsible for maintaining the reliability of product quality. New Century Products also regularly train new recruits to comply with company standards operating procedures and strengthen the coordination among employees. Customers can always rely on New Century Products trustworthy quality control management.

Quality Management

New Century Products quality management process is as follows:

New Century Products standard quality system is well established to guarantee product quality delivered to the customers. Quality inspections are consistently carried out at both production sites and non-production departments. Comprehensive quality management system is our priority as it is part of our competitive advantages.


New Century Products control plan is established to formalize and document the quality system that is utilized. Control plan items include utilization of various equipment, tooling, control methods, and detection frequency according to each product and production process. The evaluation content includes product changes, process changes, and plans to control a certain raw material, etc.

New Century Products have extensive experiences in the OEM/ODM manufacturing process and formulating appropriate factory quality control systems. Factory inspection is always carried out prior to finished product shipment. It includes real-time inspection status feedback, personnel meetings, supervision and tracking, and regular quality status reports.

New Century Products consistently pursue continuous improvement of personnel capabilities and cooperation process with customers and suppliers. This is an important part of New Century Products comprehensive quality management system.

Quality Assurance of Production Process

New Century Products always seek better results through continuous improvements in different areas, including progessive personnel training for improving and perfecting working methods. New Century Products professional reputation for reliable quality has enabled us to gain a foothold in the competitive OEM/ODM industry.

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