Comprehensive health management system that monitors your baby’s real time health data and tracks their growth records readily.

New Century Products BabyCare device has the ability to send a notification to caregiver’s phone when there is abnormality in heart- and respiratory rate detected from the baby. This feature is designed to help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death, which is the sudden unexplained death of a baby under one year old. Caregivers can do other activities while being able to check the baby's status anytime.

New Century Products BabyCare Device measures the baby’s heart rate and respiratory rate through a designated sensor and sends the data to the App installed in the caregiver's mobile phone.

The App displays the average heart and respiratory rate values and identifies the “sleeping or awake” status with a friendly user interface.

These are the major key features of the device:
  • Physiologic monitor: Heart and respiratory rate monitoring, temperature measurement, and growth tracking.
  • Notification: Abnormal status and vaccination schedule.
  • Real-time status: Awake and asleep.
  • Health management: Height, weight, head circumference, temperature, defecation amount and color, milk intake, and diaper change status.

New Century Products BabyCare Device is the trusted companion for the safety of your child.

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