New Century Products Limited always develops new products to catch up with market demand in the upcoming year. Our research and development team has been working hard to create innovative products that can provide convenience and assistance with sophisticated technology on our hands.

Some products developed include baby care devices, smart mattress, and auto-folding stroller. We are preparing to launch our new products in early 2021.

Baby care device

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death, usually during sleep, of a seemingly healthy baby less than a year old. SIDS is sometimes known as crib death because it usually occurs in their cribs. Sudden infant death syndrome commonly happens to newborn babies to six months old babies.

Our baby care device is specially designed to lessen the stress of parenthood, monitor baby’s health record, manage and track growth records, as well as access and track real-time data.

Equipped with smart sensors and IoT technology, this device serves three main functions: detecting baby wake/sleep status, breathing/heart rate abnormality alert, and analysis of the recorded data. Baby care devices can be connected to parent’s phones via low radiation bluetooth networks, and easy to use UI/UX design for convenience of the parents.

Smart mattress

With our lives getting busier by the day, it is getting harder to make time to take care of our loved ones.

New Century Products developed a smart mattress that helps people to track the health condition of their family members.

Smart mattresses can be used to monitor the heart rate and breath rate for seniors. This device is a good assistant for you in taking care of your family members. Smart mattresses can also be used in hospitals to increase the level of safety and to ease the data collection process.

New Century Products went further and has developed the smart mattress for pets as well. It helps to monitor the health of your lovely pet and be aware of any changes.

Auto-folding stroller

New Century Products specializes in designing and manufacturing baby strollers for 18 years now. Our research and development team keeps innovating to meet the growing demand in the dynamically changing era and consumers behaviour.

In this fast paced era, flexibility is important. Our auto-folding strollers are designed for parents with babies and kids to commute without hassle. The auto-folding system enables parents to quickly fold the strollers in the blink of an eye. The lightweight feature makes it easier for parents to carry the strollers anywhere. It is highly reliable, practical, smart, safe for babies, and easy to use for parents with luxurious design.

Our development will not stop here, we are always aware of what consumers need and the changing trends in the market. We are always open to new ideas and requests from our customers.

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