New Century Products offer one-stop service. Our service process follows sequential steps: showing the customers immediate action and solutions, providing pre-operative planning, further thinking about the styling of new products, and performing product modeling and various tests.

In like manner, our professional production team could confirm with each customer for the modification of the product in an attempt to finalize the verification of the models for mass production.

At the mass production line, the products will be inspected by the professional New Century Products quality control team, and New Century Products will make sure the final products can be delivered on time.

The general service process of New Century Products is as follows:

Based on New Century Products OEM/ ODM experience, when receiving customer inquiries, we analyze the value of products, identify the age range of users, understand the specifications of the products, conduct market research, and actively communicate with customers.

In the research stage, New Century Products conduct a comprehensive market survey which includes SWOT analysis, competitors study in the existing market, and current market trends/ products to improve the efficiency of product design planning.

For example, in the infant and toddler product market, New Century Products provide product development plans from the dimensions to the materials of the products for different needs.

The design team breaks down the central concept into innovative product ideas and functional designs to enrich the user experience.

New Century Products can offer the complete process from drawing the prototype of the product, depicting the core concept of the product, presenting the concept sketch to the customers, discussing the concepts and ideas, to modifying the shape with the 2D dimension drawing.

We propose a model on the initial product design for manufacturing. The model is then evaluated based on style, size, proportion, and function.

3D modeling is to design and display objects in three dimensions. By assembling the pieces together through the 3D modeling software, it provides a real-view of the finished product. 3D modeling can make it easier, faster, and lower cost compared to making physical prototypes. At this step, New Century Products would conduct more accurate evaluation of the new products feasibility.

With its building design tool, AutoCAD 2D can create imagined shapes, and can also use the three-dimensional printing function to print creative shapes. Generally speaking, New Century Products convert the 3D drawing into a 2D plan to confirm the various dimensions, adjust the details, and draw it in multiple directions and angles with precision.

Our designers render the 3D model to set CMF (Color, Material & Finishing), carry out realistic coloring, simulate the materials and color rendering effects for selection, and display the renderings of the final product.

In this stage, the designers would confirm the design, carry out process planning, understand the feasibility and the product versioning, and give customers reference upon confirmation sampling.

Once the final correction is confirmed according to the prototypes, the mass production would be begun.

The certification process is aimed to ensure the products follow the universal standards. Derived from the market needs, New Century Products are in partnership with certification institutions to meet the regulations in the target regions. For example, New Century Products strollers have passed the EN1888 European quality certification.

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    In Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    The service processes are order confirmation, production scheduling, capacity planning, raw material procurement, incoming material verification, and mass production.

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    In Quality Management (QM)

    New Century Products have a perfect quality system, control plan, factory quality control, and the continuous improvement of the services.

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